Press Release 12-22-2023

Eureka City Schools Concludes a More than Fifteen-Year-Long Process with Sale of Jacobs Junior High Campus
Posted on 12/22/2023

Eureka, CA - December 22, 2023 - Eureka City Schools (ECS) announces the entry into escrow after a comprehensive, more than fifteen-year-long process regarding the future of the Jacobs Junior High campus located at 674 Allard Avenue in Eureka.  The ECS Board firmly believes that the sale of the Jacobs property aligns with the best interests of students within the District.

The Jacobs campus, constructed in 1956 during the height of the timber industry, served as a junior high school until 1982. Following its closure, the facility continued to host various educational functions, concluding its use after the 2008-09 school year. In 2008, the ECS Board adopted a resolution and declared the property as surplus, initiating a meticulous evaluation of its future.

Over the years, ECS diligently engaged with the community, seeking public input and convening numerous meetings. In 2007, a 7-11 Advisory Committee was established, providing vital recommendations regarding the property's utilization or disposition. An appraisal was completed at the time, estimating the property to be worth $295 thousand.  Given the low estimated value, the District opted to not sell the property.

In June 2019, the Board again adopted a resolution deeming the property surplus and open for sale. The property sale attracted attention from two public entities, namely the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the City of Eureka. Throughout the process, both contenders, the CHP and the City of Eureka, put forth different proposals. The initial offer from CHP was under $1 million before demolition. 

In 2020-2021, the District undertook extensive efforts, investing approximately $1 million in abating and demolishing the Jacobs property buildings, culminating in its completion in February 2021.

Following the demolition, the CHP increased its offer to $4 million and the City of Eureka submitted an offer of $1.6 million. The most recent offer, which led to the initiation of escrow, stands at $6 million, inclusive of a property exchange.

On August 6, 2023, the Board adopted Resolution No. 23-24-003, designating the property as "exempt surplus land," enabling a property exchange.

The Board’s most recent action was taken on December 14, 2023. They approved a resolution allowing the exchange of the Jacobs property and authorized the Superintendent to finalize and execute the Agreement for the Exchange of Real Property.

The decision to finalize the sale comes after an extensive 15-year process, marked by robust public input, community engagement, and stakeholder involvement through town hall meetings, Board meetings, and canvassing the neighborhood. 

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