10 Things You Should Know About Measures S & T

The Eureka City Schools Improvement Bonds on the March 5 ballot

  1. The $43 million bonds will enable us to address every school's critical facility needs.
  2. Our elementary schools are over 45 years old, the middle schools are 37 years old, Eureka High's main building is 75 years old.
  3. Despite regular maintenance and aggressive pursuit of State grants, our schools are in need of significant renovations.
  4. If approved by 55% of the voters, the bonds will make us eligible for $16.5 million in matching State funds.
  5. Taxpayers in our feeder school districts, South Bay, Cutten, Freshwater, Garfield, and Kneeland would pay only for improvements to the middle and high schools.
  6. Repairs or upgrades would be made to electrical, water, sewer, heating, and ventilation systems.
  7. Measure S would help pay for a seismic retrofit at Eureka High. All schools would benefit from the removal of hazardous materials and installation of new fire/ security alarms.
  8. Aging portable classrooms would be replaced.
  9. Independent yearly audits and Citizens Oversight Committee would ensure funds are spent only on repairs and new construction.
  10. No bond monies would go toward teachers or administrators' salaries.